Meishan Pigs

Don’t judge me!  (At least don’t find me clinically insane.)  I’ve always wanted pigs.  But pigs root and dig mud holes so I’ve managed to successfully talk myself out of them for years.  But this week that changed.

A friend attended a sale and saw Meishan piglets – a rare breed from China that has large floppy ears, giving it a unique – and rather appealing – look.  I tried to resist but by the end of the auction, I was the owner of these two boars.


They are unbelievably tiny.  For size reference, here they are next to Dizzy, the cairn terrier (who is himself not a big dog).


Their names are Felix and Oscar, a reference that may be lost on the younger generation.  Felix will walk away from the food bowl to potty while Oscar keeps right on eating as he goes, and is the first to get his front feet in the bowl.  So they are aptly named.

Is bacon in our future?  Time will tell.  Despite starting out small, they will grow to an edible size, so it will all depend on how much they root and how bad the mud holes are.  In the meantime, I’m enjoying watching and playing with them.  I had no idea they will play together like little puppies!  And, if it later turns out that pigs are not a good fit for our homestead, we can always eat our mistakes.