A Hard Lesson Learned

Engines like oil.  A lot.

Somehow, in the busyness of life, I forgot that little tidbit, until the riding mower started sounding rough.  It turns out, adding oil after the damage is done, doesn’t undo it.  A piston through the engine casing is an expensive reminder to regularly check the oil in ALL vehicles that require it for smooth operation.  Oops.

The cost of a new engine?  $1600 installed.  Yes, I could get a whole new mower for around $3000 but the body on this mower is sound and with a new engine – especially with oil added occasionally – should last a long, long time.  So we decided not to treat the mower as disposable, and to repair the damage done.


One thought on “A Hard Lesson Learned

  1. Ah, yes. My father drilled that big lesson into all of us girls at a very young age and he didn’t let us drive the family car until we knew how to change the oil and check the radiator, etc. He didn’t care if we checked the gas as that would not cause Aany damage except to us when we would be driving into town when the temps were below zero. HA It sure hurts the pocket book, tho. I’m sorry.

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