Meat in the Freezer

The romantic view of homesteading extolls the joy of having a pantry stocked with home-canned goods and a freezer stocked with home-grown meat.  Butchering one’s own grass-fed meat and using it to fill a freezer sounds great, doesn’t it?  What the pioneers don’t mention is how utterly exhausting a day of butchering can be – and how one’s feet ache by the end of it.


Three lambs made it to our freezer this week.  Three lambs who were born here, raised on mama’s milk and grass, and who died knowing only kindness and gentle words from people they were familiar with from birth.

We chose to grind a lot of the meat today as we find ground meat to be the most versatile.


We also were able to put away many pounds of meat to be used as dog food, and of course, saved the meaty bones for the dogs.  In short, almost nothing of these lambs goes to waste around here.

We are exhausted and aching in ways we never imagined.