Rotational Grazing

Another year….another round of rotational grazing.  The sheep and goats are now confined to temporary paddocks by portable electric fence, and moved to a new spot every few days.  Their ability to “mow” a paddock never ceases to amaze us.  They are thorough and efficient and the bonus is I’m not spending time and gas to keep the place looking neat.

This morning we moved the animals to a new paddock, which we hope will keep them busy about four days.  Having been left to grow for several weeks in anticipation of putting the animals on it, the grass was long and lush and they were eager to get started with their day’s work.

This evening I was outside chatting to an egg customer, when Smoky, the goat buck, waddled up to see what we were doing.  Given that he looked like he was about to give birth to quads… guess is he found some good stuff to eat.

IMG_1527 (1)



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