Kilo is growing like crazy and we see glimpses of his future potential as a livestock guardian from time to time.  He is now 4-½ months old and it will still be awhile before he is old/big enough to protect them.

Meanwhile……livestock guardians work best in pairs.  And male/female pairs generally get along together better than male/male or female/female pairs.  We had always planned to get Kilo a partner, thinking we’d do it when he was about two years old.  However that would mean raising him up and having him work alone for a considerable period before adding another puppy and then waiting for HER to be old enough to be a reliable partner.  So the plan changed.

A few days ago HWA and I spent an entire day on the road to pick up this little girl – Karina:


Like Kilo, Karina is a Bulgarian Karakachan and she is 12 weeks old but being female and 7 weeks younger than Kilo, is substantially smaller.


She came from a breeder who doesn’t handle his pups.  At all.  Consequently she was very shy initially but is coming out of her shell very quickly and seems thrilled to have a human of her very own.  To get her used to us and bond with Kilo, we are doing pasture walks three times a day and having her sleep with Kilo in his dog run (see next post for details on that).  So far, she has spent her entire time with us in the barn or pasture.


We are looking forward to watching these two pups grow into their future roles as our livestock guardians.