Baby Rose

Great excitement on the homestead this week as our first calf was born.  When the cows arrived in January, the two heifers had already been bred via AI (Artificial Insemination) with one due in mid-June and the other due the end of July.  Sweetpea was due first and, two days after her due date, lay down, grunted, gave one big push and out shot her little calf.  Blink and we’d have missed it!

The calf is a little heifer we’ve named Rose.  (We initially considered calling her Zippy after her sire (Zipper) and her speedy entry into the world, but ultimately decided Rose is a more dignified name for the dairy cow she will grow up to be.)  Naturally we couldn’t be happier that she has arrived, is healthy and that Sweetpea is doing a fine job as a mama cow – and now milk cow as well.

Rose figured out nursing quickly and though the flies are driving them crazy, persists at the teat until she is full, even with mama stomping non-stop.  (I’m seeing a case for breeding for Feb/March babies so the bugs aren’t such an issue.)

IMG_0740 IMG_0742


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