Making Butter

I think I was most excited about being able to make my own butter, when the reality of producing our own milk set in.  We use butter on toast, sandwiches and in baking, so go through quite a bit of it.  Falling back on everything I knew about butter-making (which was very little), I decided I would need a butter churn and immediately started to research the various models available to decide which would work best for me.  They range from manual to powered and from about $15 for a small, manually operated device, to several hundred dollars for a larger, electrically powered machine.  I wound up feeling more confused than ever as I read user reviews of the various types.

Eventually I turned to YouTube, needing to see these machines in action so I’d understand better what would work.  And while reviewing videos on YouTube, I ran across one using an ordinary blender – standard in most kitchens.  Intrigued, I watched and decided before buying another gadget, I would try making butter in my VitaMix blender.

I skimmed off the cream and once I had a mason jar full, poured it into the blender and turned it on low. For a couple of minutes not much seemed to be happening.  Having whipped cream on numerous occasions, I knew the cream was thickening, although the blender moves so fast even on low that I couldn’t see the change occurring.  Soon the cream was so thick that it was no longer moving at all.  But, as I watched, it started to move again, and over the next 20 seconds appeared to turn back into liquid.  I turned the blender off and peered inside to find that the liquid was the buttermilk and floating in it were some beautiful chunks of butter.

I poured off the buttermilk (which I kept), then added cold water to the blender, and whizzed it again for a few seconds.  I repeated the cold water wash twice more, until the water ran mostly clean, then strained it all until only the butter was left.  After shaping it into a log wrapped in parchment paper, I set it in the fridge until it was firm.  The result?  Truly wonderful butter that we have since used with great enjoyment.


2 thoughts on “Making Butter

  1. I’ve used my VitaMix blender for lots of things but not butter, what a great idea. Unfortunately I don’t have a cow so can’t replicate it 😉 Did you need to add salt to it?

    • I think that would be personal preference. I’ve always bought unsalted butter with the idea that I can always add salt to whatever I’m using it in. So I do not add salt when I make the butter. But you certainly can add a little salt to it while making it.

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