Our family eats a lot of yogurt so milk will never go to waste around here as any excess is so easy to whip up to a batch of yogurt.  Yogurt has to be one of the simplest products to make, uses large quantities of milk, and is enjoyed even by many people who don’t like drinking straight milk.  In fact, yogurt is one of the most widely eaten foods world-wide.

All that is really needed is culture and a way to keep the milk at a constant temperature of about 110F for an extended period of time.  Although not essential, I did break down and get a yogurt maker since it is thermostatically designed to do just that.  I bought this model along with an extra set of jars to go in it so that I can make a new batch even while one batch is waiting in the fridge to be eaten.  Culture is even easier: any plain yogurt made with live cultures will work.

To make yogurt, heat a quantity of milk (either full cream or skimmed) to boiling point, cool to 110F, add culture and any flavoring desired (e.g. a few spoonfuls of jam), place in the jars and put the jars in the yogurt maker.  Set the timer, turn it on and that’s about it.  Different lengths of time will produce a thinner or thicker consistency so there is no right or wrong – just experimentation and personal preference.



One thought on “Yogurt

  1. Yum, you might motivate me to find my yoghurt maker again and make some, that is if it hasn’t been thrown out in all the moves we’ve had over the past few years.

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