Freezing eggs

The problem with producing eggs is that the hens don’t produce consistently throughout the year.  In spring I am overwhelmed, getting far more than we can use, sell or give away – but by winter they dwindle to practically nothing.  Last year I tried an experiment that I am pleased to be able to report now, was a success.  I froze the eggs.

To start, I took a dozen eggs and cracked them into the bowl of my food processor.  I turned it on low and let it run about a minute, to thoroughly mix the eggs.

Next I poured them into a muffin or cupcake tray.


Twelve eggs went into the food processor and conveniently there are twelve spots in the cupcake tray, so it was simply a matter of dividing the mix evenly between them.


I placed the tray in the freezer, being sure to keep it level, and 24 hours later when they were frozen solid, I removed the eggs from the tray, placed them in a Ziploc bag and returned them to the freezer.

I will say that using a silicone muffin pan made the job WAY easier than anything else.  The silicone allowed me to press on each egg from the bottom, sometimes almost fully inverting it, in order to remove the egg.  Had I used a metal pan I don’t know how easily they would have come out.

This winter, with eggs once again in short supply, I have been pleased to have eggs available for use, in the freezer.  At first I used them only in cooking or baking, since those things require that an egg be beaten in the recipe anyway.  However more recently I’ve been using them to make scrambled eggs and I can report that I cannot tell a difference in taste or texture between these and eggs freshly beaten and scrambled.


The new egg shape


Last year I only froze 4 dozen eggs since I wasn’t sure if the experiment would work.  This year I will be freezing many more than that and will enjoy eating eggs with abandon throughout the next eggless winter.


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