Building a Cow Barn – Stage Two

Stage one of the cow barn allowed us a place to keep the cows upon their arrival.  It gave them a place to get out of wind, rain and snow, but the transformation of the lean-to was not yet complete.  Stage two began two weeks after the cows had arrived.

The cattle panel that served to keep the cows from wandering away was removed.100_1266And replaced with a real barn door.  We started by building the frame, installing the hardware and hanging the framed door on the rail.


Next we added the tin, one sheet at a time.


We used the clear plastic corrugated roofing sheets to fill the angled gap above the barn door.  Since this is the south side, the clear panels let in a lot of light and some sun, while blocking almost all of the wind.  With the barn door closed, it is noticeably warmer inside than when it is open.

100_1279Once the barn door was installed, we installed another gate that sits just inside the barn door.  This gate allows us to leave the barn door slid open on nice days, while containing the cows.  And by having a gate at the entrance and another ⅓ of the way in, we can divide the barn into two separate areas.  The smaller area we are primarily using as a milking area for now, but it could also be used to segregate a particular cow when needed.

100_1280The cows are settling in nicely to their new home.  The milk cow is giving us about ½ gallon a day on top of nursing her own calf.  The heifers are becoming used to being handled while Trouble, the steer, lives up to his name.



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