Building a Cow Barn – Stage One

As noted here, our neighbors talked us into forming a cooperative arrangement regarding cows.  They already had plans for housing them, but once we became part of the equation, we felt we should contribute to the transformation of their lean-to – which had previously housed a horse trailer – into a cow barn.  The lean-to is a basic frame-covered-in-tin building that attaches to the garage and is 15′ wide.  Because cows are big, heavy, rub, lean on things and sometimes kick, and we wanted to both keep them from injuring themselves and preserve the integrity of the lean-to, we started by putting boards between the existing framework, up to the level of the cows’ backs.  In this picture you can see a wall we have completed and one that has not yet been started. 100_1262 Next we added a gate ⅓ of the way in.  The 10′ gate was able to hang on one of the existing lean-to posts.100_1263However we had to add two new posts to hang the 5′ gate and have a post for the two gates to attach to.  The 10′ gate will open to allow a tractor to get in there and muck out if necessary. 100_1264Looking in from the front.  Stage one of the cow barn is almost complete. 100_1265 A cattle panel across the front of the lean-to is temporary.  This is to keep the cows from wandering where they shouldn’t.  We had initially planned for the cows to be delivered mid-February and had only 48 hours notice that they were arriving at the end of January.  Stage one will accommodate the cows until Stage two can complete the transformation.100_1266


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