Garden Planning Redux

I realize that the middle of winter is not a time most people are thinking about vegetable gardening but…..on these shorter, colder days when I miss being outside working in the garden, the only way I can “garden” is to create my garden plan.

My 2014 garden looked like this:


So, wanting to ensure that I rotate through the years, for 2015 my plan is to move everything one row to the left, taking the far left row and moving it to the extreme right.  This does mean that one row of tomatoes and one row of greens occupy space that grew the same things this year, but over time each vegetable will grow in a different space, taking what nutrients it needs to without depleting the soil too much.  My plan for 2015 – so far – looks like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.41.57 AM

We grow only those things that we eat (duh!) so the garden will always contain many of the same things: greens, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, onions.  However I like to experiment with varieties, always searching for those that grow best in our climate and environment.  For 2015 I am adding several new varieties of tomato and pepper, a new onion and a couple of new varieties of Kale and Mustard.

I expect that between now and Spring, my plan will be tweaked numerous times and the final draft will probably look substantially different than this, the first draft.  But, I had to start somewhere.

HWA and I have also been discussing the possibility of a completely new garden space next year – one which will be devoted to pumpkins, squash and melons.  Since these are all things that like to spread, we are picturing a space fenced off (to keep the animals out) in which we will simply throw seed out and let them grow.  We’ve even considered not weeding, hoping that the spread of the vines there will largely block the growth of other things.  How lovely it would be to be able to harvest a large quantity of squash and melons without expending the labor-intensive hours weeding and tending.  We shall see.


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