Surprise, surprise

While on kid watch (still no kid(s)!), I’ve been checking on the flock/herd regularly to make sure no one is in labor and needing assistance.  However even with regular checks, it is possible to surprise me.  I did an early morning check at 8:30am a couple of days ago and found no one obviously in labor.  A mere four hours later I hauled more water out to check again and was greeted by a couple of new – and very young – voices:


This is our first set of twins and the black/white combo was a huge surprise.  We’ve temporarily named them “Ebony” and “Ivory” until they can be tagged.  The white is a ram while the black is a ewe lamb.  Mother is a second time Mama who is taking it all in stride, cooing to them in that particular language the ewes reserve for their newborns.  Despite extremely cold temperatures in the 72 hours since their birth, both lambs are doing well, nursing and learning to operate those long, long, legs.


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