And The Lamb Returns…

Two days ago I got a call from the meat locker that the lamb was ready to be picked up and this afternoon I finally got a chance to go and get him. I was glad SAB went with me as the box they brought out to me was surprisingly heavy and it was nice to have help loading and unloading it from the car. Before putting it in the freezer, I weighed each package of chops, steaks, roasts, ribs and ground lamb and when the results were tallied I was thrilled with the yield of 49 ½ – almost 50 pounds! – of meat. The processing cost was just under $75, making the meat about $1.50 per pound for 100% grass-fed lamb. I couldn’t be happier.

Our cost to raise him to that size was negligible. As a young lamb he got two doses of vaccine at 60c per dose. And I leave loose minerals out for all of the sheep all of the time. A $20 bag of minerals lasts a year or more so that cost per animal is hard to calculate but very small. And those were the only costs directly related to raising THIS lamb, if you don’t count the initial purchase price of his parents.

As I look at my ewes grazing contentedly each day I can’t help hoping for more than one ram lamb to be born in the spring.


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