Dried Tomatoes

A few years ago I was browsing a local thrift store and saw what looked like a dehydrator.  It was marked $3.80 but they were having a sale that day on yellow-ticketed items – 50% off.  I decided at $1.90 it was the worth the risk that it wouldn’t work.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have spent so much – what can I say?  I was in an extravagant mood that day.

Since then it has sat on a shelf because I never had anything I needed to dehydrate.  But, with tomatoes coming into the house by the bucketload, and a bumper crop of apples this year, we decided to pull it out and see if it works.  We loaded up all four trays, plugged it in and voila – away it went.








Pictured is a variety of heirloom tomatoes: Cherokee Purple, Red Siberian, Italian Roma and German Green.  Yep – those green tomatoes are completely ripe and if you closed your eyes while eating, you’d never guess they are green – they taste just like a ripe, red tomato.  (However I don’t know if I’ll grow them again – I lost a lot of them, rotting on the bush while waiting for them to turn red.)

Hours later – around 16 hours in fact – the tomatoes were fully dehydrated and were placed into canisters.

Although we could save and use them in cooking, we are treating them like a candy treat – they are so sweet and delicious that when looking for a snack, its easy to grab a handful and munch on them.  I suspect there won’t be many left by the time I might want to use them in cooking.  We also have a jar of dried apples to snack on – another delicious, healthy treat.


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