Hoof Trimming

This really should have been included when I wrote about Goat and Sheep Maintenance here.  But, as happens too often around here, the day we trimmed the sheep and goats I…..forgot to take pictures.

I was given a chance to redeem myself however, after picking up the new doe.  Prior to traveling to get her, I had asked the seller if she was up to date on vaccinations, worming and hoof trimming.  I was told that no, she had never been vaccinated,  no, she had never been wormed (egad!) but that, while the seller does not trim hooves herself, a friend comes regularly to do it, the implication being that yes, this at least, was up to date.

So, after driving an hour to pick up the new doe, I was somewhat shocked to find this:


The seller then cheerfully told me that this doe must have been missed the last time the trimmer did hooves.  Finding does this time of year isn’t easy so I paid for her anyway, loaded her up, and brought her home.  Before she left her travel crate she had a shot of CD-T, a dose of wormer, and all 4 hooves (8 toes) were trimmed.  Unfortunately, despite the assurances that she was simply “missed” last time, I don’t believe the poor gal had ever been trimmed before.  The quick had grown out so that I was unable to trim her back to where she really should be, but I hope you’ll agree that she looks far more comfortable now:


My hope is that over time the quick will withdraw so that with subsequent trimmings I will be able to gradually bring her feet back to the shape they should be.


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