Starting Over….with a new Doe

As mentioned here, we returned from vacation to find that our goat doe had died while we were gone.  She had a name and we were fond of her, so this was a loss for us, but even more so for our buck.  He was lost without her.  The first night he slept as close to her dead body as he could get and after it was removed, he followed me around, crying whenever I went out of sight.  He “heeled” me far better than any dog I’ve ever had; wherever I went, I felt his chin pressed up against my leg as he kept pace with me, and if I stopped moving, he wanted me to pet him and thrust his face into my hands until I did.

I tend to be pragmatic.  The goats are Boers – a meat breed – selected for their ability to feed our family.  Without a doe, our plans to raise goat meat were shot, and it turns out that raising sheep and goats together poses a challenge due to their different dietary needs.  So I was in favor of sending the buck to butcher – despite having been adopted as his doe.

HWA voted to get a new doe.

Now, finding an adult doe – especially at this time of year – is no easy task.  It is kidding season and there are bucklings available in large numbers but most people want to keep their does and doelings for themselves.  However I put out some feelers and was able to find a Savanna doe – 15 months old – about an hour away.

Meet “Bianca” (So named because it means “white” in Italian.)  She has never kidded but we’re hoping that around 5-6 months from now, she and Smoky, our buck, will have a kid or kids.


She has only been with us a few days so she and Smoky are still in a relatively small pen, while she acclimates herself to her new home.  Once she has, they will be turned out to graze the pasture with our sheep.


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