And the (tasty) Results Are In…

A couple of weeks ago we loaded up two lambs to go to the processor.  This week I picked up the meat.
Yield: 54 and 58 pounds from two lambs.
Cost: $173.88 total
Purchase price: $150 total
If expenses (grain, salt lick, minerals, etc) were $76.12 then
Total cost: $400 or $3.57/lb averaged over all the cuts.

Hardly cheap, but pretty good compared to the $18.52/lb this place asks!  Just for grins, HWA calculated the price including our capital costs ($6515.00 for fencing, water tank, heated water bucket, castrator & bands, etc) and got $58.17/lb!  He directed that we couldn’t eat it, but must frame it instead. But then I mentioned some benefits he had not considered:

Benefit Value
Lowered blood pressure from hours of watching contented sheep grazing Priceless.
Peace of mind from knowing the meat we eat doesn’t contain hormones, antibiotics, etc. Priceless.
Happy wife/bed-mate Priceless!

Now he agrees that it is a tremendous bargain.

While stocking the freezer I held out some lamb steaks to defrost and enjoy immediately.  The lamb steaks are from the shoulder and I found a recipe that involved simmering them in sauce for 40 minutes before serving on a bed of mashed potatoes.

I didn’t realize until we were eating dinner, that it was the first time HWA, SAB and BOF had even tasted lamb!  HWA found it a little tough but delicious.  BOF thinks it tastes a little like tuna.  Go figure.  We all enjoyed it however, which is a good thing considering how many more meals will be served featuring this meat over the next few months.

I was disappointed that no organ meats were included, and called the processor the next day to enquire.  I was told that they are not allowed to release the “offal” unless it has passed inspection and that goats and sheep rarely pass inspection.  This information was provided in a voicemail so I didn’t have the opportunity to ask what the inspection includes but I may call back to find out, unless someone reading this knows and can enlighten me?  Regardless, it really makes me wish we had been able to process at home, so as to keep ALL of the animal.  Even if we didn’t want to eat the organs ourselves, we have animals to feed who would have been delighted to have them.


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