Home-made Coconut Oil Deodorant

I like my neighbor.  She’s smart and nice and not at all strange.  So I was quite surprised a few months ago, when she came to my door ecstatic about deodorant.  Not “oh by the way”, kind of happy but “I’ve come over just to talk about my lack-of-body-odor” ecstatic.  Kinda weird.    She had found a recipe for homemade deodorant and it had worked so well for her and her  son (apparently a prodigious BO producer), that she wanted to share her discovery with the world.  I was skeptical, but tried it, and I gotta say “Wow.”  It works really well and it’s natural and cheaper than the store stuff besides!  So now it’s me who’s “I love this stuff so much I ‘m going to blog about it” happy.

The deodorant contains just three ingredients: coconut oil, baking soda and cornstarch.  The coconut oil acts as a natural anti-bacterial, and has the added benefit that it feels wonderful when applied.  Baking soda is widely known to counter bad odors.  The cornstarch helps to mix it into a consistency that makes it easy to apply.

Mixing the three took only seconds and over the next weeks, I put it through its paces.  One test was to apply it on the morning of day 1, then not shower until I noticed odor.  On the morning of day 2, there was no detectable odor.  On the morning of day 3, STILL no detectable odor.  By the evening of day 3, as I was undressing for bed, for the first time I caught a faint whiff of unpleasant odor.  And this was in July!

Since then, I’ve used it daily.  After several weeks, HWA observed how well it works, when he snuggled with me and later realized that even when quite close, there was no odor.

But the real victory occurred this morning.  SAB asked me last week to buy her some more antiperspirant.  I asked her to try my home-made deodorant.  Being a teenage girl, she was immediately suspicious and very reluctant to take such a risk, so I made a deal with her: try it for a week and if you don’t like it, I’ll buy you a tube of the commercial stuff.  She agreed, and I sent her away with a small amount.  This morning, while getting ready for school, she came to me to say “I need more deodorant”.  I took the opportunity to ask “How is it working out for you?” and with the embarrassed smile one uses when proved wrong, she gave me the thumbs up.

WOOT!!!  If this passes the SAB test, it must be good indeed.

The recipe?  Oh yes!  Here it is:

3 TBSP Coconut Oil
1 1/2 TBSP Baking Soda
3 1/2 TBSP Cornstarch (Corn flour)

Mix together and put it into a wide mouth jar that will allow easy access once the level gets down to the bottom.  In the warm months, the consistency was fairly soft, but as the temperature in the house has cooled, the consistency has become firm – almost like butter fresh out of the fridge.  I simply scrape some out on my fingernail and allow it to melt on contact with my skin.

I know you’re skeptical, but try it; it really works.

…And if you call right now we’ll send you a second jar of Coconut OdorBeGone absolutely free — just pay additional shipping and handling of $125.88……


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