Salty Eggs

At certain times of the year I am inundated with eggs; therefore I am always looking for ways to use them.  Eggs are not very preservable but one method I’ve been using for years is to make pickled eggs, which are a favorite of HWA’s.  To make pickled eggs, I simply boil as many as will fit in the jar I have at hand, peel them, put the peeled eggs in the jar and cover with vinegar.  Sometimes I add some herbs and spices for additional flavor but I’ve found that the flavor generally does not permeate the egg well enough to be worth it.  Once packed, the jar is set aside for 4-6 weeks, after which it is time to sample the contents.  The longer the eggs sit in the vinegar, the more pickled they will get, and I really enjoy the somewhat rubbery texture they take on.

Recently an Asian friend mentioned she had made a batch of “salty eggs” and I was intrigued and had to learn more and try this for myself.  Unlike pickled eggs, the eggs in salty eggs are not cooked first.  Simply place the eggs directly in the jar.  Both my friend and other sources I read on the internet insisted that duck eggs are much better for salty eggs than chicken eggs.  Fortunately, since I keep muscovy ducks, I had plenty of duck eggs to use, so a few days ago, I found a jar that would accommodate a dozen, and made a batch.

After placing the eggs in the jar, I made a brine of 1 cup salt to 4 cups of water.  I heated it to boiling, stirring until I was satisfied the salt had all been dissolved, then covered the pan and let it cool completely.  Once cool, I poured it over the eggs and….done!  It really doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Now we wait another 4-6 weeks.  To aid in remembering approximately when they will be ready, the eggs are packed into a Christmassy jar:


My friend also gave me several suggestions for using the eggs after they are done, and I am eager to try them all.


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